Our Programs

Preschool 2’s

Come explore a school environment for the first time! Children learn to laugh and grow during time away from Mom and Dad while developing their socialization skills with other children.

Preschool 3’s

This program is an introduction to school as a learning environment. Children master their colors, shapes, letters and numbers while becoming accustomed to how school is a wonderful place to be!

Pre-K 4’s

Children explore learning centers daily, with an emphasis on working together and getting along with peers. Children expand on letters and numbers and begin to write their names and letters.

Pre-K 5’s

Children¬† begin to explore beginning reading and writing skills.¬†¬† Older 4’s and younger 5’s discover that the world is full of learning to be ready for Kindergarten.

Kindergarten & First Grade

We provid a full-day classroom environment that places the children first. Your child will be more than prepared for 1st grade and beyond, with growing reading, writing, math, science, and social studies skill. Our curriculum exceeds Pennsylvania Kindergarten & 1st Grade Standards.