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Our focus at St. Nicholas Academy is on academic excellence, Orthodox Christian principles, and unity amongst students, parents, teachers, and church members. Our vision is carried out through:

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I have three children who are all very different from one another. The teachers at St. Nicholas Academy found creative, exciting,and exceptional ways for each of them to learn and have fun every day. Everyone feels like family; the staff’s genuine love and concern for all of the children make them feel welcome, safe, and happy to be there. they are nurtured intellectually, socially, and emotionally. I truly feel there is no better place for them to begin their education and future as lifelong learners.

Deb H.

St. Nicholas has been a place of nurturing, fun, blossoming spirits, and precious friendships formed. Each of our children have emerged from their years here radiant, confident in themselves, and excited about school. We will always have such fond memories of their time here. It was a wonderful start to their academic years for them and also for us as parents.

Barb K.

My son and daughter went to St. Nicholas Academy and are currently in 1st and 3rd grade in public school. At St. Nicholas Academy they learned independence, self-confidence, and to be loving and caring children. Starting them off in an environment that prepared them for future endeavors was the best thing I could have done for them.

Niki H.

We are extremely happy with the quality of care, education and activities that St. Nicholas Academy offers. More importantly, our daughter loves going to class and that’s all the testimony we need as proof that we made the right decision in choosing St. Nicholas Academy.

Heidi H.

St Nicholas Academy provides a very nurturing environment to its students. All the staff is wonderful and experts at what they do. I have seen not only academic progress but social and spiritual growth in both of my boys. We feel very blessed and grateful for this school.

Irene E.

My children receive wonderful attention at this very caring school. They make learning fun!

Zaharo H.

When I was still pregnant with our now 2-year-old twins, we knew that St. Nicholas Academy was absolutely the only place we would send our children to preschool. The education that children receive at St. Nicholas Academy, coupled with the Orthodox education, far exceeds anything else offered in the Lehigh Valley. All of the teachers at St. Nicholas Academy truly care about each and every child. They communicate with parents daily, weekly, and monthly about all the goings-on. Every morning and afternoon, teachers greet parents with smiling faces, even amidst the occasional children’s tears. They’re unwavering in their kindness and support. We’re truly thankful for them and all they do!

Amy C.

We started our daughter at St. Nicholas Academy at the age of 2. She has thrived since Day 1, she loves to go to school! The staff is wonderful, caring, attentive, and fun!

Alyssa M.