Faith In Action

Community Outreach

Each month St. Nicholas Academy will take on a community outreach project.  We hope to have a positive impact on the community we live in, as well as help those who need it most. This way we can teach show our children how you can turn Faith in to Action! 


'Tis the season ... of giving! We will be collecting gifts for the children at Lehigh Valley Children's Hospital to help brighten their spirits as they fight their battles in the hospital. 


November is home to Veterans Day.  This month we will focus on how to honor those who have served and sacrificed so much for us! Please join us for our Family Fun Night on November 10th where we will host a pumpkin baking and tasting contest and raise money to send to  Please visit their website to read more about the amazing work they do in support of our Veterans. 


October's Outreach will focus on helping our friends in Houston recover and rebuild from Hurricane Harvey.